shutterstock_91011221Generating goodwill towards your brand can go a long way towards influencing buyer attitudes when selecting a venue for an event/celebration.



1. Research your Media and select the best mix for you. Build relations with target group.
2. Set clear PR objectives – to promote your venue/services, overcome misconceptions, influence opinions……..
3. Develop your Plan
4. Who are your key targets? -Publishers, Editors, Reporters…….
5. Who are you communicating to? Trade, event organisers, potential/existing customers
6. What are your key messages?
7. What is the best medium for each message
8. Prioritise, devise messages, goals and how they are to be measured
9. Quality photography, design and copy can help you and the publisher in a time of need

Top Tips for Copy in PR, Newsletters and Social Media

shutterstock_170532746• Focus on relationships, not Sales
• Personality wins over Intensity
• One to One Interaction
• Size doesn’t matter, but bore me and lose me
• WIIFM – What’s in it for me, the customer?
• Always include a call to Action

WWW – Words, Words, Words!
Careful wording with a reader focus helps you stay welcome in an inbox. Be informative and you’ll ultimately make sales as the ‘go to’ business when they are ready to buy.

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