Swift Print Appreciates Fantastic Design

I’ve a folder on my desktop called ‘Swift Print Specials’ for fantastic design.  As the name suggests it includes the truly special designs, promotions, sometimes funny things that happen worth keeping …for posterity, and to remind us of why we’re in the design, print and Direct Marketing game.

The Nambé International 2015 European Catalogue is a recent addition to this folder . While the designs aren’t our own this time – producing such a great quality piece really is always a pleasure!

Swift Print Appreciates Fantastic Design

Nambé International, of Madison Avenue, New York, has produced Museum-Quality design since 1951. Combining fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world’s most esteemed designers.

In this truly global economy that we live in, it is a testimony to the great quality we produce in Ireland, that it was ourselves in Swift Print Ltd, based in Waterford, that Nambé selected as the print supplier for their 2015 European Catalogue.

Check out the fantastic design on their product range. These are for sale in Brown Thomas in Ireland and leading retail stores across Europe.


nambe4       nambe6


nambe2       nambe5         nambe3

Seeing us, an Irish business compete internationally and offer industry leading quality production, while keeping that personal relationship and fair pricing is common sense in these times.   “Investing in technology has really paid off for us, and has allowed us provide a full one-stop-shop for our local, National and International customers” says our Managing Director, Marcella Meagher.  “Customers like Nambé are a great addition to our client base.