Brochures & Newsletters are a part of you. They are an extension of your company or organization that your client or member will hold and read and as such you want it to be looking well and saying the right things, just like any other member of staff which might be representing you.

With brochures and newsletters you have an opportunity to inform, update and convince your target audience and when presented with such an opportunity you can’t let it slip. Everything that your company or organization decides to put its name to and get printed should be exactly what you want it to be. At Swift Print, with our years of experience in designing and printing brochures and newsletters we know exactly how to make that happen.

Brochures come in all shapes and sizes, colours and formats, finishes and designs. At Swift Print we’ve printed them all and what’s more our superb design team will be on hand every step of the way to make sure that your brochure not only makes a striking first impression, but also an impact that remains in your client’s mind.

For newsletters and ezines the potential is different. You are informing clients and members of your latest updates, what is happening at your business or organization, what events are coming up and, most importantly for them, what exclusive special offers you have. Everyone likes to feel that the people they do business with care for them and reward their custom.

Regular newsletters and ezines show them that they are a valued member of your community. Not only that they also serve to keep your business or organization fresh in the memory so you will be the first name on your target audience’s mind when they need you.

So impress and inform with a brochure from Swift Print!

Your brochure options include
  • Bound book
  • Saddle stitched
  • Folded leaflets (z-fold, gate fold, bi-fold etc.)

All available in a huge variety of colours and different paper finish formats.

Or update and appreciate your client community with a newsletter or ezine.

We have the design talent and the printing experience to deliver what you need
  • Personalize every one
  • Use your database to full effect
  • Keep customers and members abreast of all events
  • Inform of special offers to stick in the memory and keep them coming back for more
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