Surf’s Up with Waterford City River Rescue’s Christmas Calendar

Cover photo courtesy of Tony Quilty

Calendar cover photo courtesy of Tony Quilty

Its calendar season in Swift Print, the last few weeks before we depart for the holidays are always full with that “one last job” and those “quick messages”. Working on a calendar for the year coming is great fun, you look back over the year past, reminisce about the good times, and think to the year ahead. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Swift Print offer a wide variety of calendars, from 8’x 4’ wall planers mounted on foam board with dry-erase functions, to handy desk diaries. This year we’ve worked with hotels, construction, and car dealerships, charities, schools and so many more, these are just a few that stuck in my head.

Their calendar includes work from 12 local photographers, featuring icy still shots of the river at dawn, the vibrant nightlife along the banks, and the power and grace of the boats and ships that sail along the beautiful Suir. It also includes date boxes large enough to write in your appointments, along with the phases of the moon, and other interesting tidbits about the River Rescue services.

The Waterford City River Rescue calendar is €5 and is currently available from their Winterval cabin beside the Helterskelter on The Mall, in Foot Solutions Michael St, and from City Jewelers Arundle Square. All funds raised from the calendar sails, go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the WCRR’s equipment and team.


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