Driving forward with Swift Print.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here at Swift Print we decided to make ours count by reaching out to new customers in the south east and showing them who we are using direct mail and fulfillment to illustrate our point.

The Direct Mail piece we created for our Fulfillment campaign

To us, direct mail advertising really works and our team began with the initial planning and design, led by Philip one of our in-house Graphic Designers, and created a tri-fold brochure that was simple, elegant and memorable. We wanted something that would illustrate the quality & care we give Swift Print clients. With these goals in mind, the team worked together to create what we think is a polished presentation piece targeted to its audience. We succeeded in really stretching our boundaries and created highly personalized brochures for each client. Phil’s graphic design work focused on the three key aspects of direct mail; design, colour & branding.

The design’s task is to appeal to car dealerships. Different avenues of graphic design were explored, from engines & speedometers, to tyres & dust clouds. The aim of the mail piece was to show off our graphic design prowess, catch your eye and make you take a closer look. The simple hook Open the Door… on the opening of the brochure shows the dealership owners that a new realm of design is possible with Swift Print.

Our Colour and Branding are interlinked. The lime-green and navy colours of the Swift Print branding are fresh & eye popping and lent themselves perfectly to the mail piece. To use a luxury car in luxury colours oozes the sense of quality, refinement and class that we want to portray. We sold our brand identity very well and offered to help create that same sense for dealerships in their direct marketing.

Our message to the auto dealer market was very clear and concise:

We want to help you sell your product

Printed materials are seen as the most trustworthy source of marketing and deliver more consistent response rates than other offline media. The language, tone and formality of the mail piece reflects our customer’s needs. We kept is short, sweet & simple.

The Call to Action presented by our campaign was clear. Contact Swift Print now for new design & marketing possibilities. Our language is proactive, positive and rewarding.

We want to help you achieve more in terms of sales and recognition.

If you and your business are interested in driving sales through direct mail, email campaigns, social media advertising or printed promotions, contact us to talk about all the possibilities in store for you.

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