5 Reasons to Rebrand your business

Here are 5 Good Reasons to rebrand your business…

1. Internal changes – where your business is gearing up for expansion or development in new and/or existing markets;
2. External Changes– if the market is changing – as seen by researching how competitors or clients are engaging with the business.
3. To breathe new life into a business. Refreshing your brand can be exactly what a business needs to energise everyone in the business to really grasp the concept of change and cultivating a new culture.
4. Keeping Relevant – Some experts say that a business should revisit their brand every 7 years. The lifecycle of a brand is probably shorter now with technology and markets changing so much faster than before.
5. Lack of identity – If your target audience are unclear or unaware of what you do – Rebranding your business gives the opportunity to clearly define who you are and what you have to offer your target market – and what you want them to say about you when you’re not in the room!

The case for a rebrand –Sometimes you just know, sometimes you need a bit of a push!

Over the last year or two, we came to realise at Swift Print that there had been an organic change in our business – nothing dramatic but a steady change nonetheless.

We started looking at what the Swift Print Brand represented. In reality, branding encompasses all that the public aspects of what your business represents. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon put it well when he said:

“Your Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room!”

Traditionally we were seen as a printing company who did some design. But more and more, the balance was changing. We were competing and winning more and more – high quality design & Direct Marketing fulfillment projects.
As businesses needed more integrated on and offline marketing, we had developed our expertise to be able to deliver an extended repertoire of services including consultancy helping our clients create integrated campaigns across all media.

So – we made some changes to reflect this….!
Old Swift Print branding.

Swift Old Logo

The old logo and all brand related publicity reflected where we were in 2000 when we established Swift Print – The logo and all elements of the brand were telling the story of “Waterford Swift Print” – the new colour printer in Waterford. In our brand story we emphasised the fact that we were a Waterford based printer as it was predominantly this market that we were targeting.


New Swift Print branding.

Swift Print rebrand

The objective in developing new Branding Strategy was to reflect our new reality and our core mission which is to evolve with our clients as their Design, Print & Marketing Partners.
The reliance on ‘Waterford’ has reduced as we are winning more and more national and international business – this is reflected in marketing material and in our on and offline marketing strategy.

A few final tips when considering a rebrand for your business

Build the story of your brand by asking and researching key questions –
1. Who is your target customer – Who are you trying to appeal to? What appeals to them? How to they choose suppliers? Where to they expect to find you – online and offline?
2. Who are your competitors – What are they doing? What do they do well? What can you do better?
3. Brands you like – not necessarily in your market – What brands do you admire/ reflect a similar ethos – try and think why. How do they look and feel and how do they communicate on and offline.
4. What are your business Values – What do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room?
5. Choose a designer that understands your brief, is passionate about achieving your goals and that gets the true nature of branding a business.


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