How Do You Impress with Direct Marketing?

When Castleknock Hotel and Leisure Hotel wanted to promote their Christmas season parties they came to us to develop their thoughts into a full direct marketing campaign.

What could be more Christmas than receiving a present in it’s own personalized wrapping box. The gift should not only say Christmas but evoke strong, positive memories and emotions.

Our design team developed a brochure with reminisce images that bring a warm glow and encourages people to gather and celebrate together. This brochure was coupled with a personalised letter inviting the client to come and enjoy. There was a little incentive to book and an invitation to snap a cinnamon stick for the true scent and emotions of Christmas. The brochure and letter were supplied in a wrapping box that included the cinnamon stick. The box was designed with bows and a label for personalization.

Castleknock Hotel and Leisure Hotel relied on Swift Print to design, print, personalize, assemble and post the whole package out to their client list.

Castleknock Direct Mail        shutterstock_85719289              Letter-02


Combine that with, flyers, posters, roll up banners and a display stand for reception (all designed and supplied by Swift Print) and you have the whole package.


The answer to impressing with Direct Marketing is in two simple messages.

Make it personal.

Make it memorable.

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