Respond! Injects €12 million and a new zest into St. John’s College, Waterford

Respond Johns College booklet

Swift-Print is proud to support Respond! in their campaign to get Waterford to be a part of the ‘Respond to John’s College’ fundraising challenge.

By the end of 2015 there will be 21 new apartments, a 10-bed group home and 36 one-bed apartments overlooking the Folly for the older community of Waterford. This is all to

“Engage people to age with confidence, security and dignity in their own homes
and communities for as long as possible”, (Respond! to John’s College)

Respond! Housing Association runs and operates over 5,500 homes across the country, including 37 apartments and their head offices in St. Francis’s Terrace – the former Airmount Maternity Hospital in Waterford.

The plan for the refurbishment of St John’s College will see it turned into a landmark facility for the care of the elderly, an interesting change from its origins as the local seminary!

The building, which is almost 150 years old, was designed by noted architect John Goldie and completed in 1871. Phase One of the project – to refurbish the building – will be completed 2015, ahead of schedule.

The refurbishment project takes the history of the Gothic Revivalist style building into account, as it aims to preserve and protect the old walls, fine stain glass windows and beautiful stonework.

“It’s great to see aid and assistance being provided for Waterford’s elderly population. Swift Print wish Respond! all the best in the future. – Marcella.”

Phase Two now begins – with a fundraising campaign to finance four areas

• A Sensory Garden in the former Cloister Court to provide stimuli and a safe, relaxed and friendly environment.

• An Activation or Community center in the former lecture theater and library will be converted for use by all residents, day users and the wider community.

• The addition of a Day Care Center for the elderly will become a social hub for the city and county, and great relations can be made with the wider community of Waterford.

• Finally, the Community Education Center will invite the public of Waterford in to its preserved Chapel and Gallery.

Swift Print is proud to provide the literature, promotional materials and banners for this wonderful and worthy cause, and wish Respond! all the best of luck in the future.

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