We have teamed up with some of the biggest names in the hotel industry and the simple reason is that we know what works for hotels. We can design your brand image to make sure you stand out from the crowd in a competitive market and then print you all the stationery and promotional material to match it.

Take a look at this Hand Finished Wedding Brochure project created by our designers. We’re passionate about showcasing our clients in the best light.

Just Click on the photo to see THE VIDEO of how this brochure was put together.


Our superb in-house design team have become experts in the kind of large scale brand and design creation that every hotel needs to distinguish itself. When people choose a hotel they are searching for class, comfort and care. You can ensure that your hotel provides that once guests arrive, but how do you communicate that message and get them in the door in the first place?

That’s where we come in, at Swift Print we have been involved in local and national advertising campaigns, brand design, targeted mail campaigns and lots more all aimed at boosting the business of our hotel clients. It is not only your advertising that will carry your brand image, it is also all of your stationery, letterheads, notepads, menus, and indoor postering and other materials so you want to ensure that if you’re getting something done that it’s done by the best, if not least because you’ll be looking at it everywhere for years to come.

You can view a small sample of our Hotel design and print projects in the gallery below.

At Swift Print you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have worked with all kinds of hotels and catered for all of their print and design needs and we know the big picture of how all the little pieces fit together to form the whole.

Most important of all is the fact that we care about our clients. This mightn’t seem like a big deal but with mass quantity printers churning out hundreds of thousands of pieces straight from an e-mail the fact that we have our own design team and will work together with you the whole way through the printing process means that you come out with a top quality result that you can be proud of.

Because we print in-house we can control the quality and deliver the very best of service to help you meet you your deadlines.

A list of just some of the services we provide for hotels
  • Print Advertising in National and Local Publications
  • E-zines and Digital Marketing
  • Targeted and Personalised Mail Campaigns
  • Brochures, Letterheads and all Stationery
  • Indoor and Outdoor Posters, Signage and Display Pieces
  • Room and Conference Stationery
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