Trade shows and exhibitions can be vital to any company’s business, especially on a business-to-business level. The problem is that all the exhibitors are basically the same. If you think of walking around those big halls it just seems like endless rows of identical stalls, and it’s the same for everyone. You walk down the aisle and wait for something to hit you, something to grab your attention and say “I’m different, I demand a closer look”.

The presentation or product may or may not be worth it but the fact is that it piques curiosity, it’s like a magnet and draws people to it. In a sea of similarity the only way to give yourself an edge is your display, how it looks and the impression it gives.

At Swift Print we are masters of that impact, not flashy or in-your-face but professional and immediately interesting. Our innovative design team have been creating exhibition and display material for the better part of two decades, across all kinds of business and for every kind of show from local farming shows to major international exhibitions.

We are a completely holistic print and design firm, we do everything from start to finish and once you’re working with us you are guaranteed a high level of care and attention to detail on top of the wealth of experience and expertise of our team. We know how important trade shows, exhibitions and all display material can be to your business and for us it’s always about quality ahead of simply getting another job out of the way.

Your business needs to distinguish itself to thrive and you deserve the shot at winning over those potential customers who are all drifting around waiting for something to strike them.


We provide a huge range of exhibition and display services, including:
  • Point-of-Sale Displays
  • Graphics Panels
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Pop-up Banners & Stands
  • Roll-up Banners
  • Podiums
  • Light Boxes
  • Cut-outs

And lots more. In fact anything that you can think, we can print.

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